Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing

City Coast Plumbing has been supporting the construction industry in all aspects of commercial plumbing & maintenance for over 20 years. Our companies experience has allowed us to work on the small single building projects as well as large million dollar developments. We have the staff and knowledge to help you build and maintain all types of building projects.

We value our clients and work towards building a long standing relationships. This helps us build a repour with you and your tenants to develop an understanding of the history of your property. City Coast Maintenance & Plumbing Services Pty Ltd Has years of experience and the equipment and qualified staff to undertake domestic, industrial & commercial plumbing projects of any size.

Domestic plumbing

Imagine this – your home has a leak but you are not sure where – all you know is that the wooden floorboards have been getting soaked and it is only a matter of time before they start to rot. You could probably start by taking off the plaster off the walls where you think the leak is. Or you could drill around the wall until you find it. This is neither practical nor safe. Why not call a us, your licensed plumbing/maintenance firm.

Do you want to pull half your wall down to find the same leak. Probably not. We employ leak seeking technology that allows us to find the exact position of the leak in the wall. Then, we need only access a small part of the wall to fix the pipe properly and then we will patch up the wall. It’s safe, fuss free and may be covered by your insurance.

The same leak seek technology, that uses a special sonar is used to find pipe leaks and breaks -this technology also works on outdoor areas and will find underground pipes before you dig them up. Always check before you start digging. We can help with any domestic plumbing & maintenance job, from fixing a leaking tap to fitting a brand new bathroom. We are a 24 hours service so give us a call.