Hot Water Systems and Tanks

City Coast Services have a team of licensed gas plumbers that can install and service hot water systems.

When it comes to essential elements for comfort and hygiene in your home, your hot water system is important to research and consider. With the average household using hot water continuously throughout the day and costs of living increasing, it is important to make the right decision.

To find the right system to suit your needs, you will need to consider how much it will be used at any given time, whether alternatives are available and how much space you have available. City Coast Services can help you choose the most appropriate hot water system for you and your home.

Types of Hot Water Systems and Tank Services

If a natural gas connection is available for your house, installation of a gas water heater may be desirable as gas rates do not vary as much and you can heat the water as you need it. Gas hot water systems are usually located outside for venting requirements.
Electric water heating services can be tank or instantaneous. They vary in efficiency and size. An electric hot water system generally has a lower upfront cost but incurs greater day-to-day running costs. An off-peak electrical system can save you money daily, but requires a more expensive hot water storage tank in the initial installation phase. This is due to the greater storage capacity that may be required.
An instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system allows hot water to be produced as and when you need it. As such these systems are quite small and ideal for people who have little storage space in or outside of their property. Although the system is instantaneous, it has its limitations. Reduced pressure on the water flow, and limits to how many taps can be on at any one time, also reduce its usefulness. Higher-powered units are available to cope with these problems but usually incur higher running costs. City Coast Services can install instantaneous hot water systems that can operate on various energy sources, such as natural gas, LPG, regular power and three phase electricity.
City Coast Services can help you recycle your household grey water. It is an excellent way of saving water and saving money! Grey water is available every time you shower or wash with the average house creating up to 83,000 litres of grey water per year. Your grey water is suitable for irrigating most garden areas including ornamental beds and lawns. When watering native gardens remember to use a type of detergent that has low levels or has no phosphorus. City Coast Services can help you with a range of grey water solutions including tanks, pumps and re-fitting pipes and drains. Just remember that a common problem with having grey water is overwatering!
Harvesting rain and grey water in the past used to require a great deal of space. Huge rainwater tanks need to be dug in or would take up most of the available garden space on the average block. New tank designs now come in a variety of sizes and colours, as well as bladder tanks, which can sit under your house or decking. Many of our local councils, water suppliers and state governments have been encouraging city and urban residents to install a rainwater tank, usually with the offer of a rebate. Check out whether you may be eligible. City Coast Services can install a range of tanks, pumps, piping, overflows, and grey water systems and set you up to save money and water for the future.

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