Car and truck wash oil separators

City Coast Services range of oil separator packages are commonly installed in the following environments to obtain authority and environmental compliance:

  • Wash Down Bays
  • Small to Large Industrial and Mechanical Workshops
  • Mining Workshops
  • Mining LV/HV Wash Down Bays
  • Refuelling Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Transformer Bunds
  • Commercial Car Washes
  • Vehicle and Equipment Wash Down Bays
  • Truck and Heavy Vehicle Bays
  • Service Stations
  • AQIS Wash Down Facilities
  • Hire Equipment Branches
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Commercial Dishwashers


City Coast packaged systems have been designed and refined to ensure a hassle free installation. Complete documentation, manuals, diagrams and maintenance requirements are included with all system supplies. Avoid unwanted downtime and contact us to discuss your installation requirements.


Regular servicing of your waste water treatment system will increase its efficiency, prolong the unit’s lifespan and also decrease the chances of future breakdowns and repairs. Our fully qualified technicians will complete regular servicing and keep a log book giving you hassle free peace of mind that your system is operating to its maximum efficiency. Water authority crackdowns may evoke automated fines for not completing servicing in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and your un-serviced equipment may be polluting the environment. Don’t risk it – service it.


City Coasts first flush diversion systems are engineered for uncovered wash down areas over 20 square metres to treat wash water in accordance with authority regulations – after the first 10mm (or designated amount) of rainwater falls on the wash pad, the remainder is discharged to stormwater.

  • Commonly referred to as stormwater diversion systems, diversion valves or first flush valves
  • Small footprint and totally automated
  • Low-cost rainwater diversion solutions, eliminating the requirement for roofing areas
  • Configurable for wash down pads of all sizes
  • Hydrocarbon and spillage alarm bolt-ons available to eliminate stormwater contamination


City Coast can provide systems for temporary or semi-permanent hire and leasing. The following products are available for hire and lease:

  • Coalescing oil water separators
  • Vertical gravity separators
  • Hydrocyclone oil separators
  • Water recycling systems
  • AQIS treatment systems
  • pH control systems
  • Hydrocarbon management systems

Monthly hire rates are available with all systems skid mounted or containerized for plug and play installation onsite. Ideal for temporary sites including mining applications, de watering applications and constructions sites.